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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Customer Relationship Management Software, or CRM Software, is a large class of software programs essentially designed to help businesses manage their customer information. The concept of Customer Relationship Management Software is a bit unclear for most people and in today's business environment the term CRM Software has broadly come to mean any program that can manage customer information.

CRM Software does what?

Customer Relationship Management Software to most people means a program that helps manage customer information. This is true; but the same can be said of other types of programs. There are three basic groups of customer management software. The first group being Contact Management which allows businesses the ability to organize and manage their customers and accounts, track all the associated communication and events, and perform follow ups. The second group is Sales Force Automation (SFA) which includes all the abilities of Contact Management and adds features to track sales opportunities, review all related correspondence and events, and report on the sales pipeline and related data. Customer Relationship Management Software makes up the third group and provides all the abilities of the first two as well as abilities for tracking invoices, integrating accounting, organizing order information, and more. CRM Software typically provides the ability to track and organize every aspect of a relationship with a customer from the point of first identification as a lead through and beyond the point that they are an ongoing customer.

Who needs CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management Software can be a major undertaking, with the cost for many systems over several million dollars and the implementation period lasting a year or more. Before making a commitment like this, every business should ask if they require a full CRM Software program. The key is to evaluate what the business needs are. If the focus is to organize the customer and company information and be able to easily follow up with clients, then Contact Management Software will provide what is needed. For sales based businesses that need to track all customer correspondence and activities as well as tracking the sales process and performance, Sales Force Automation Software is likely the solution. For larger businesses that need to track customer and sales information as well as accounting, ordering, reconciliation, support, and all other aspect of customer contact then CRM Software may be the way to go.

Assist CRM

Assist CRM helps you achieve your goals by making available a very powerful CRM solution specially built for SME organisations. It enables your marketing, sales and support teams to provide a quality experience to your customers with seamless flow of information.

CRM covers the entire gamut of Sales activities starting from Pre-Sales to Post-Sales which include Lead Management, Opportunity Tracking, Account Management, Sales Pipeline, Quotation and Order Management, Post Sales Support and Ticketing solution. The Web based CRM solution provides online access to all the sales and marketing information to your sales staff from anywhere and at any time.

The online solution also enables your customers to request quotes, place orders online, view the status of their orders and generate necessary accounts information. The powerful customer service module enables you to provide excellent after-sales service by capturing and tracking customer complaints/tickets online.

Business Benefits

Increase sales revenues : Assist CRM gives you a powerful technology platform which you can leverage to grow your sales revenues. An easy access to all the information related to marketing of your products and services along with 360-degree view of your customers increases the productivity of your sales team resulting in more effective marketing campaigns and better sales conversions.

Improve Profitability : CRM solution helps you in increased profitability by focusing on the most profitable customers and opportunities available.

Increase productivity of your Marketing, Sales and Support staff : With our CRM solution, a smaller team can process a very large number of enquiries, manage leads and close more sales than before. Integrated helpdesk enables your support staff to provide effective service to your customer and close more service calls than before. This can help you to significantly reduce your sales and support costs and improve margins.

Build strong and lasting relationship with your customer : Implementation of Assist CRM solution helps you anticipate customers needs and respond to the same in time. Integrated Service platform empowers your support staff to deliver efficient after-sales service. This leads to an overall improvement in customer experience, resulting in strong and lasting relationship with your customer which you can leverage for generating more up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. A highly satisfied customer will also lead to a higher share of repeat and reference business which will to increased sales revenues.

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